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observatory weather

Current Conditions
Updated every 15 minutes

Current Conditions at Observatory


Outside Temperature Outside Heat Index Wind Gust


Historical Data

Outside Temperature Outside Heat Index Outside Relative Humidity
Barometric Pressure Change in Barometric Pressure Dew Point
Wind Speed Wind Gusts Wind Direction
Daily Rain Monthly Rain Yearly Rain

Tabulated Historical Data

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Tucson Forecast

Tucson forecast


Seeing Forecast for Mount Lemmon
16 miles from Observatorio Bajo Las Estrellas
Courtesy of A Danko and Canadian Meteorological Center
Mount Lemmon Clear Sky Chart


Seeing Guide
Seeing Scale
I       II     III    IV    V
Level Resolution Seeing
I ≥ 4.0" Bad
II ≥ 3.0" - < 4.0" Poor
III ≥ 1.0" - < 3.0" Average
IV ≥ 0.4" - < 1.0" Good
V < 0.4" Excellent


Astronomical Seeing


US Radar Loop
Courtesy of Windy.com
(click image)

US Radar Loop

Tucson Climate

Tucson Climate